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Broncos fans still mad about Joe Flacco Banners start to Vandalize them 98

In case you missed it yesterday, we had a story about Broncos fans being upset at the league for hanging banners of Joe Flacco on their stadium to promote the NFL’s opening kickoff festivities.

Well, the NFL didn’t stop there. Apparently they’ve hung banners of Flacco all over the city. On bus stops, billboards and light posts.

As you can imagine, fans aren’t happy with those banners either, so they’ve started defacing them.

Here’s this video from Vic Lombardi, a Denver area sportscaster for CBS, defacing a Joe Flacco banner by coloring all over his face with permanent marker.

(Side note: I’m not sure what this guy was thinking, representing CBS by doing so. I’d kill for that job, and this guy is out being a moron. But whatever.)

He posted a bunch of videos of himself altering the banners yesterday, you can watch them all here.

He also sent a message to the NFL by saying “The militia has organized in downtown Denver,” he said. “We’re on the mall here to remove these filthy poster-banner-deals as quickly as we possibly can. You have five minutes to get here.”

Here’s another video from the Denver Post, reporting the banners on 16th street, with the reporter mentioning that he’s seen a bunch of signs ruined by fans.

What do you think? Are Broncos fans being ridiculous, or would you be doing the same?


[H/T: Ravens Blog]

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