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Bruce Arians wants to avoid a Cheesehead infestation 74

The Indianapolis Colts have had quite a shift in things since their bye week. They learned the unfortunate news that head coach Chuck Pagano was diagnosed with leukemia and he’d miss several weeks if not the whole season. The good news is his condition is treatable.

The Colts and their fans have started a CHUCKSTRONG campaign for their coach and are offering all sorts of support.

In his absence, offensive coordinator Bruce Arians was named the interim head coach until Pagano returned. Arians says he isn’t making any changes because the team is Pagano’s and he doesn’t want to mess with what they’re building in Indy.

Packers fans travel well. Colts don’t want them invading Lucas Oil Stadium on Sunday. (David J. Phillips/AP)

Part of what they’re attempting to build is a winning franchise, and with the Green Bay Packers coming into town not a ton of people have the Colts slated to win.

Arians wants to grab a win in his first game as interim, not necessarily for himself but for the CHUCKSTRONG campaign. To assist in a shot at a victory over the Packers, Arians says he doesn’t want Lucas Oil Stadium filled with a bunch of Packers fans, or Cheeseheads.

“We cannot allow the Cheeseheads to come in here and take over.” Said Arians, “No way can they come into Lucas Oil this week and take over our stadium, I’m challenging our fans, especially this week because it’s kind of a unique, special thing. That cannot happen. (The fans) need to be at an all-time high for (coach) Chuck (Pagano) and for the team.”

It’s not very often that a coach uses the term “Cheeseheads”, but we know what he means! The Colts have to be on point and hope the Packers are struggling in order to pull out a win.

Will the emotional aura surrounding this Colts team help create a game to remember? Only time will tell.



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