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Bruce Irvin forgets he was drafted by the Seahawks 74

When the Seahawks drafted Bruce Irvin with the 15th overall pick in the 2012 NFL draft, many took it as a surprise. Irvin was a guy that many didn’t have on their boards in the first round, but rumblings of the Jets drafting him made the Seahawks pounce early on the defender from West Virginia University.

In this video, Irivin appears to forget what team he was drafted by. Being interviewed in the Seahawks locker room, Irvin says that he picked up the phone from a Washington number, and they asked him if he wanted to be a Redskin, and he said “Hell yeah!”

The person conducting the interview then asks ” Asked if you want to be a who?!” And he replies “I mean a Seahawk!”

It’s probably not the best thing to come out after goofing up and say “I’m f*cked up man, I’m f*cked up, c’mon man”

I wonder if he’ll be getting another call from the front office, this time for something a little less exciting than what happened on Draft day.

Check out the Video below:

Now, cutting the guy a bit of slack, upon saying Washington a few times, being that Seattle is in the State of Washington, I can give him a little slack on saying the Redskins. But after saying GM John Schneider’s name, he should have known better. It might not be his fault though, it could be whatever has him “f*cked up”.

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