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Bush to the Dolphins: 93

Miami Florida:

The Miami Dolphins and the New Orléans Saints have reached a deal, that will have former USC stand-out, Reggie Bush, taking his talents to South Beach. The reported 2 year deal would net the Dolphins a speedy back who can catch passes out of the back-field, and open things up for the offense to flow.

Miami’s leading rushers last season were Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams (both free agents), and the Dolphins were surly looking at Bush as a welcome option to aid second-round draft choice, Daniel Thomas. Bush’s NFL career has been anything but productive, plagued by injury and lack-luster performances throughout his tenure with the Saints. I’m sure Reggie welcomes the chance to play in a new city, with new fans, and a new organization.

It’s not yet apparent what the Saints will receive out of this deal. Bush’s crippling contract is surly something New Orléans has dealt with, and I’m sure they’re glad to hand their headache off to Miami. Bush is still owed around $11.8 Million over the course of the upcoming season, which was to be the last of his, 6 year, $62 Million rookie deal.

I believe there may still be light at the end of the tunnel, for Bush. Nobody can deny his talent on the field. Maybe with a new training staff, different schemes and a heavy dose of the Wild-Cat, Bush can prevail at last. If nothing else, Bush can party it up with Lebron, Wade and Bosh.


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