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Chip Kelly says Celtics’ Rajon Rondo would be his ideal QB 84

Back when the NBA was suffering from it’s lockout a few years ago, a few NBA ballers had said that they’d change sports and come play for the NFL. Some teams, like the Seattle Seahawks went as far as making jerseys for LeBron James, trying to recruit him.

Could Rajon Rondo run Chip Kelly's fast-paced offense? (AP Images)

Could Rajon Rondo run Chip Kelly’s fast-paced offense? (AP Images)

Others said they’d host a few guys for workouts if they were serious, but in the end nothing really panned out.

Of the NBA stars, Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo said that he could play in the NFL and he didn’t take what NFL players do for a living lightly.

“I respect what (NFL) players do, I don’t take it lightly, but I think I could have played, could have given it a shot” said Rondo.

But would he be able to catch the attention of an NFL team?

Chip Kelly would be all ears, saying that Rondo would be the ideal triggerman for his up-tempo offense.

Rondo could be a great fit. He can run a fast paced offense, distribute the ball around, and he has decent measurables at 6’1″, 186 lbs. He might have to beef up a bit, but he’d actually be a pretty good fit.

The chances of it happening though? Slim to none. While things are shifting in Boston, it doesn’t appear that Rondo will be changing sports at all, and the Eagles seem to be set at quarterback, at least for this year.

It is an interesting thought, though.

What other NBA players could fill roles on NFL teams? Let us know in the comments below!


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