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Chris Berman is headed to the Monday Night Football booth 79

On Wednesday, ESPN announced that Chris Berman and Trent Dilfer will call the second game of the season-opening Monday Night Football doubleheader, when the Raiders host the Chargers. “Our president John Skipper, our executive V.P. of production John Wildhack, we were together, and midway through an interesting evening they said, ‘We’d like you to call the second Monday night game,’” Berman says.

“I went, ‘Now, wow.  There’s something I never really thought about.’  Of course, I’ve thought about calling NFL games my whole life, but given what I do and Sunday duties, the normal ones, and it’s Week One of the season and you get your hands full and we’re all excited and we’re trying to do our best in the studio, etc.  I didn’t see it coming.

“I said, ‘I gotta give you guys credit.  So, you understand I haven’t called a football game in a while, although I’ve called many baseball games and U.S. Open golf, etc., etc.  I was really surprised and excited about hearing it, to be honest with you.  Really excited.  It’s nice to be surprised after 32 years, it really is.”

In order to get ready for the Monday Night Football broadcast, Berman and Dilfer will also announce the Titans-Cardinals pre-season game on August 23.

As a fan of the Buffalo Bills, I am a personally a huge fan of Chris Berman. Some people claim he is annoying but I find him entertaining. Hopefully this leads to Berman announcing more football games. He is already a part of certain ESPN broadcasts of baseball and golf. Hopefully this works out for the better.

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