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Chris Johnson calls his sluggish start “frustrating” 56

After a game in which he had four yards on eleven carries, Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson called his day “frustrating” (Credit: AP Photo)

After a let down of a season in 2011, the Titans and Chris Johnson himself were hoping he would turn back into his old self in 2012. After rushing for just four yards on eleven carries against the New England Patriots on Sunday, Chris Johnson called his day  “frustrating“.

“It’s just a situation where me and my teammates know we have a lot more work to do,’’ Johnson said, via Jim Wyatt of theTennesseean. “Of course it makes you run angry, it makes you upset. . . . When things don’t go right I know everything is going to get pointed at me because I am the main focal point, I got a big contract.

“At the end of the day I just have to continue to work just like my other offensive players.”

Ever since he received that big contract, Johnson does not look like the player he was in the past.

Of course, it’s not fair to blame just Johnson.

“We could sustain our blocks better, we could run to the hole better, we could make better calls,’’ offensive coordinator Chris Palmer said. “It’s a combination of things. Everybody blames the quarterback when it’s not complete but is the protection alright? This is a team sport and you need all 11 guys involved whether it be the run game or the pass game.”


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