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Chris Long: 528 Days Since the 49ers Beat the Rams 56

on Twitter on Wednesday, Rams DE Chris Long wasn’t happy at the trash talk being tossed at his teammate, DB Cortland Finnegan when Finnegan got into it with 49ers Safety Craig Dahl. Long jumped right in and trashed the entire 49ers organization, reminding them when the last time the Niners beat the Rams. Here are the tweets:

chris long tweet 1

chris long tweet 2

chris long tweet 3

chris long tweet 4

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The trash talk is actually ongoing, with Chris Long retweeting the trash talk from both sides. It’s actually pretty hilarious. Here is his twitter handle if you want to see. Most of the retweets are Rams fans explaining what they’ve done in the last 528 days.

The next time the Rams and Niners play is on September 26th on NFL Network, and it looks like the sparks are going to fly. It seems right now like the Rams are going to come into the game as the underdogs, but there’s no way to tell what the season will bring. By the time the teams play in week 4, it will have been 634 days since the 49ers beat the Rams. Both teams are going to be out for blood after they played to a tie in November 2012 and then St. Louis won their second matchup in overtime, 16-13. In 2011, though, the Niners swept the Rams. A lot of 49ers fans are taking to twitter to remind Chris Long of that, but he seems to be playing along and enjoying himself, making for quite the enjoyable twitter controversy.

What do you think? Do the Rams have San Fran’s number?
Or was 2012 just a fluke?

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