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Cirque du Soleil, New York 86

At the beginning of every season as a Patriots fan, I tend to have a look around in the AFC East to size up the competition and see who might stop us from once again winning the division.  As usual, I don’t see much to worry about as Miami is having quarterback issues, Buffalo trending to still disappoint, and the Chris Angel meets Pennywise the clown show in New York, home of the circus sideshow attraction known as the Jets.

If you look in years past to the teams, coaches, and quarterbacks who have won a superbowl, they have a few things in common.  Take the Giants, Saints, Packers, Patriots, and Steelers in comparison.  All have a head coach who displays a manner of professionalism, meaning that they let the play do the talking instead of their mouths, and that have tremendous loyalty to their starting quarterback.  You will not find either of these head coaches bad mouthing their passer.  You’ve probably also noticed that the media has a bit of a harder time penetrating the locker room and off the field topics concerning any of these championship teams.

You need a leader to win a championship.  Who is the leader of the New York Jets?  Mark Sanchez?  It’s hard for me to name him the leader when he’s constantly being slandered by Rex Ryan, the man who is supposed to entrust all his faith and support into the man with the keys to the offense.  The running game hasn’t been a force to be reckoned with for a few years now, and many NFL receivers have been to Revis Island and back, and weren’t impressed.  Who is leading this team?

If there aren’t enough problems listed above already, Rex Ryan and company decided to throw in another act that’s going to cause all sorts of controversy, much like it did in Denver.  I am still baffled as to why the most righteous, moral, upright player in the NFL allegedly decided to play for the foul mouthed, blunt, fire-aim-ready team in the league.  I am of course talking about Tim Tebow.  It is expected that with all the pressure and lack of confidence in Mark Sanchez, the 4th year quarterback will make some mistakes.  The moment he fumbles or throws a pick, you know the Jets fans will start the Tebow chants, creating a difficult situation for upper management.

If you want to be in contention for the NFL’s biggest prize and accomplishment, you go to Green Bay, you look to New England, and Steeler Nation.  None of these teams will tell you that they’re going to take it all, but rather demonstrate it.  The culture and identity in New York needs to change before they’re even in the discussion.  If you’d like to get lots of air time and be at the center of attention, thus opening the door to endorsements and notoriety, hop on that carnival band wagon in New York.  Mean Green is a publicity stunt, a bye week, not a contender.  With foot-in-mouth antics year after year, the red carpet never leads to February.


Austin Peat


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