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Browns players want team to keep troubled star Josh Gordon 0

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Josh Gordon keeps finding himself in trouble off the field, but through all of the legal problems, Gordon still has his teammates, on and off the field.

Earlier this week, Cris Carter, a Hall of Fame receiver, said the Browns should get rid of Gordon.

“He loves football more than anything, so I would take that away,” Carter said in an interview with “When I say they should cut him, I say that because I believe that will be the catalyst to help.”

Carter said in the interview that Gordon needs help, and losing football will be what moves him to make those changes.

Donte Whitner, who is in his first season with the Browns, said that the team should not cut Gordon.

“It’s a big blow to us.  I would be lying if I said it wasn’t,” Whitner said in an interview with Sirius XM NFL Radio. “The thing is, we have to rally around him. I know all the dumb things people say — ‘he should be cut, he should be this’ — he shouldn’t.”

Whitner said that a majority of Browns players have contacted Gordon to express their concern and offer support.

“He’s a 23-year-old kid; he made some mistakes. A lot of people’s 20-year-old sons make mistakes. We have to help him, and that’s the bottom line,” Whitner said in the interview. “We have to help him collectively. It’s not going be one person that helps him; it’s not going to be two people that help him. It’s gonna come from the front office, the coaching staff, the players and his whole family. We have to help him — not only for football purposes, but for life purposes to get his life in order.”

Though both men have valid points, and I believe that they both have Gordon’s best interest in mind, I agree with Whitner.

Gordon has problems, but taking away his outlet will just cause more problems.  I think that the Cleveland Browns need to reach out and do what it takes to help him.

Do the Browns have to let him play immediately?  No, but just cutting him loose will give him no one to turn to.

I hope that the Browns listen to their players and give Gordon the support he needs.

Gordon has a bright future, and he will be a great player.

Overcoming this obstacle in his life will make him a greater player, and I cannot wait to see the new, improved and sober Gordon of the future.

Down and Distance Contributor AJ Rupp @ajrupp


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