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Colt McCoy says there was no QB competition in Cleveland 75

Earlier today the news broke that the Cleveland Browns announced Brandon Weeden the starting QB for the club after just ten days into training camp. Browns Coach Pat Shurmer said multiple times that there would be a full-on QB competition in camp as they tried to determine who would get the nod.

Colt McCoy says he found out the same way everyone else did, by a report from the Cleveland Plain-Dealer.

McCoy also says that there was never a QB competition at camp, and he was never given a shot from the Coaching Staff. Via the Plain-Dealer:

Colt McCoy at Browns Training Camp, preparing for what he thought was going to be a QB Competition. (AP Photo/Tony Dejak)

“I have not taken any snaps with the first group,” McCoy said. I thought coming in it would be a competition.”

When asked to clarify, he said “I would like to say that I haven’t taken any snaps in walk thru or in practice with the first group. I have come out here and made myself better with the reps I’ve got and I feel really good and really healthy and I look forward to some preseason games coming up pretty quick.”

I find it interesting that a team would “sell” per se, a Quarterback competition to the fans, and not follow through with it.

When he was asked about not getting a fair shot McCoy said “I thought coming in it would be a competition. But again I’ve come out here and competed my tail off and I’ve really worked hard to get better and improve and I know I have and I know our team has. So from that standpoint I am OK.”

He didn’t directly answer the question when asked if he wanted to be traded either. He seemed a bit frustrated at the situation.

“Look, I learned the news just like you did. I learned right before practice, I came to practice, I worked hard and got better. I’m excited about the preseason and we’ll see what happens”

He says that he loves the fans, the city and his teammates and they’re still going to get his full effort, also that he will continue to have the mindset that he is the starter and he will prepare as a professional day in and day out as if he were the starter.



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