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Cousins find $3 million worth of baseball cards cleaning attic 96

Normally when I am assigned to perform a cleaning duty, I assume it is going to be monotonous and not much fun. However, when cousins Carl Kissner and Carla Hinch were put on cleaning duty in the attic of a family home, they made an exciting and life changing discovery: $3 million worth of baseball cards from the year 1910.

Kissner said, courtesy of NBC Sports:

“My aunt was a bit of a pack rat, so nothing left the house, and so when my grandmother passed away, nothing left the house. She maintained the home until she passed last year.”

It personally amazes me that it seems nobody in the family knew about the buried treasure in the attic. Carla Hinch described how the finding took place:

“Well, it was under a couple of other boxes. It was a dirty, black box. I brushed it off a little bit and opened it up, and there’s a collection of cardboard in there tied together by twine. I said ‘Carl, what’s this?’ “

Although initially confused because there were no statistics or anything on the cards, the two recognized some of the legendary players. Kissner sent some of the cards to Heritage Auction to validate their authenticity and to have them appraised. After the cards were verified as real and in excellent, mint condition, one 27 card set was valued at over $400,000+, while one Honus Wagner card was valued at over $2 million alone.

Not a bad find for a day of rummaging and cleaning a family member’s attic.





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