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Denver Broncos’ Ben Garland’s Family Loses Home in Colo. Fires 84

The Colorado fires has affected so many people, from Colorado to all over the country. As the week goes on we will hear more stories about the fires like this one.

Ben Garland

Defensive tackle Ben Garland’s family has lost a home in the fires, Garland’s grandparents, Hal and Sharon Garland, fled their Colorado Springs home Tuesday as the Waldo Canyon Fire descended on their neighborhood. The couple stayed with Ben outside of Denver. Their home was one of 347 homes destroyed, they find out from aerial photos.

Precious family keepsakes were wiped away, along with many of Ben’s possessions. It motivated Garland, a graduate of the Air Force Academy, to join his Broncos teammates as part of the relief effort in Fort Collins, the Broncos donated $50,000 to the relief efforts.

At the end of the day the life is bigger than football and this is a unfortunate reminder of that. The Colorado fires are so unbelievable, and have effected so many people throughout the country.

The team has joined reliefs efforts, wherever they can. The Broncos and many other people in that area are doing everything they can to help.

The Broncos start training camp on July 26, and right now its hard for any of them to even focus on football.

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