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Derek Jeter looks like he’s in his 20’s again 100


Source: Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images North America

In case you didn’t know, Derek Jeter is a threat to opposing pitchers again. Once upon a time, Derek Jeter was too old and washed up to play baseball anymore. He suffered a calf injury and everyone around New York, er… baseball was wondering as to why the Yankees resigned him for so much money, even after both sides played hard to get and feelings were hurt.

Only Jeter did what all the greats do, shut the critics up. In the final stretch of the season he hit well over .300 and hasn’t looked back since.

Through the first 29 games of the 2012 campaign Jeter owns a .392 AVG/.434 OBP/.584 SLG/.437 wOBA, which easily makes him one of the better players in the league at the start of this season. Derek Jeter owns a better batting average than Albert Pujols as of now. Heck, Jeter owns a better everything than Pujols as of now most likely, and by a wide margin too. You just can’t predict these type of things.

Lets not get totally carried away though. Derek Jeter is only a few years removed from his spectacular 2009 season, where he hit .334 with a .406 OBP. It was his second best season according to fWAR. The haters will call it a fluke, but I believe Jeter will continue to have a great year. I expect regression, but nothing too drastic.

We’ll see how this year compares with his 1999 season when it’s all said and done. If he keeps this up, Jeter has a chance to pass Pete Rose on the all-time hits list.


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