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Discovery’s “Naked and Afraid” to feature Three NFL Players 65

Dicsovery's "Naked and Afraid" Will feature an NFL Special in December. (Photo via Twitter @NakedandAfraid)

Dicsovery’s “Naked and Afraid” Will feature an NFL Special in December. (Photo via Twitter @NakedandAfraid)

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If you haven’t seen an episode of Discovery’s series “Naked and Afraid” I suggest you do so.

For survival and nature nerds like myself this show is awesome.

Discovery takes two people – a male and a female – strips them completely of clothes and gives them their choice of one survival tool. (Side note: All nudity is edited out, for you sickos that planned on searching images of this show)

They then drop them off in a remote location for 21 days, and the contestants have to live off of the environment to survive their surroundings.

In the maiden season, only one contestant had to be pulled from the challenge, but several others came close.

Now, the series will showcase a special – this time involving three NFL players.

Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith, Titans returner Leon Washington and Patriots defensive end Andre Carter will appear on the show sometime in December, the series announced on Twitter today.


The show’s history involves pre-recorded material and will supposedly air later this Month. The three players took a major risk in being involved in this, as contestants in the past have been malnourished and needed medical attention at times during the show. It takes a lot out of each person that has been on, and it likely wasn’t any different for these guys.

The show debuts its second season with a two-hour special on December 8th and will air every Sunday at 8/7 Central thereafter. Based off the traditional setup of the past shows, I’m not sure how this triple-person episode will go down.


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