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Doctor wasn’t aware of Nationals Plans for Strasburg 73

Apparently, the doctor who performed Tommy John surgery on Stephen Strasburg wasn’t aware of the Nationals plan of shutting their ace down. This is according to When the Nationals shutdown Strasburg the entire MLB was in shock. Even though this news wasn’t out of the blue. It seemed inevitable that the Nationals front office was going to shutdown Strasburg after hearing this possible news all season long.

Countless of times the Nationals mentioned the doctors without names attached.

Yet, the Nationals didn’t ask the one doctor who performed surgery on Strasburg.

Here’s Bill Shaikin of the Los Angeles Times:

“I wasn’t asked,” Dr. Lewis Yocum told the Los Angeles Times.

Yocum said he had not talked with Nationals General Manager Mike Rizzo since last year and had not talked with Strasburg since spring training.
Yocum said that, had he been asked, he would not have been able to provide conclusive information about whether Strasburg’s long-term health would be best served by shutting him down.

“There’s no statistic as far as studies,” Yocum said.

Yocum’s right. There are no statistical studies on the matter as of now.

The fact is that any pitcher could get hurt throwing a baseball. Little league players are risking their future in the game by using the curve ball too early in their arm’s development. The unnatural motion of pitching has hurt all types of pitchers. Not just those who are coming back from Tommy-John surgery. While there is no statistics to this enigma, it seems that all pitchers are subjected to the same amount of risk.

Strasburg is still young. Which means it’s likely that he will heal much faster and stronger than the guy who goes through the same injury at 37 years old.

Right now the Nationals are hurting Strasburg’s development. He needs to learn how to pitch deep into a season and the post-season. The Nationals are concerned that this injury can hurt the future of the team. What they have to realize is the future of this team is now.


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