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Dolphins player warns Mike Tomlin about interfering 50



Apparently, “Footgate” won’t die out anytime in the near future. Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin was fined $100,000 by the NFL for stepping onto the field of play and interfering with a Ravens kickoff return Thanksgiving night. The Steelers lost the game 22-20, but the fire is still burning around the league regarding the incident.

According to TMZ Sports, an unnamed Miami Dolphins player had this to say about Tomlin in regards to their upcoming game against the Steelers:

“I hope he learns his lesson that he needs to get his ass off the field or he might be in a hospital if it occurs again.”

It amazes me how all of a sudden people see Mike Tomlin as some chronic rule breaker for one error in judgment. The game itself between Pittsburgh and Miami has huge playoff implications for both teams, as the winner will most likely hold the 7th spot in the AFC Playoff race after Sunday, assuming the Broncos beat the Titans.


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