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Don’t sleep on the Jacksonville Jaguars 0

Almost every year in the NFL there is a team that emerges from mediocrity to become legitimate contenders for the Super Bowl championship, this upcoming season that team might be the Jacksonville Jaguars. Yes, the Jaguars, the same team that went a miserable 5-11 last year and has not made the playoffs since 2007. This may sound like a twisted joke, but actually the Jaguars fans should have a little more hope going into this season.

The Jaguars now have a good base of young offensive play-makers to help their cause that includes the twenty four year old quarterback Blake Bortles. Bortles finished last season with the second most passing touchdowns with 35 and the seventh most passing yards with 4,428. This development of Bortles was huge for the Jaguars because as we all know the NFL has pretty much become the league of the quarterback. Another young player that bursted onto the scene last season was second year wide receiver Allen Robinson who finished last season with more receiving touchdowns than any other player with 14. Robinson coupled this with 1400 receiving yards which was good for the sixth most in the NFL last season.

As a team the Jaguars looked much improved offensively last season finishing with the 14th most points per game with 23.5. The Jaguars did struggle immensely on the defensive side finishing with the second most points per game allowed at 28. However the Jacksonville Jaguars did see an impressive performance by their linebacker Paul Posluszny had the fifth most tackles in the NFL last year with 133. The Jaguars addressed their need for more defense in the draft by selecting Jalen Ramsey, defensive back out of Florida State, who was considered by many the most talented player in the draft. The Jaguars also selected linebacker Myles Jack, who was projected to go in the top ten before injury concerns sent him falling into the second round. Even if Jack cannot play this season they also selected a plethora of other defensive players in the draft including Maryland defensive end Yannick Ngakou and Notre Dame defensive tackle Sheldon Day. With the addition of these players and hopefully a little more luck the Jaguars will likely be a great deal better at stopping other teams from scoring.

One last reason to watch out for the Jaguars is the way they lost games last year as in they did not lose by much. Six of the Jaguars eleven losses came in games decided by one score or less, games which could have easily went either way. Some free advice to the other teams in the NFL, watch out for the Jacksonville Jaguars, no joke.


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