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Doug Baldwin goes on a Twitter rant about NFL Combine 84

This weekend, the NFL will raid Indianapolis as college athletes participate in the 2014 NFL Combine. The combine offers NFL scouts and coaches an up close view of some of the nation’s top college athletes. During the Combine, analysts on ESPN and NFL Network, nitpick over a prospects measurements and performance in drills.  While some scouts use the combine to move prospects up and down their draft board, others only use the combine to justify their pick.

According to Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin, the Combine is meaningless and only used by the media to make money. Baldwin went on a Twitter rant this afternoon after replying to a Tweet by ESPN’s Adam Schefter over the top quarterback prospect’s measurements.

From there, Baldwin posted nearly 20 Tweets about the Combine. Here is a transcription of the rant and you can check out the actual Tweets below that.

“Imma go on a lil rant real quick. The more I sit back and observe everything that has to do with the NFL the more I realize it’s just an entertainment business. I was so caught up in trying to make football at this level purely football. But when I look around me, it’s nothing, NOTHING but a business. Understandably so. But I want to inform you, the fans. Don’t be sucked in to ESPN, NFL Network and all these money making media outlets. Their singular purpose is to entertain you. Make you think something is important when it really isn’t. It’s not for news, it’s for ratings. They want you to be sucked into their opinions. Why? That pushes their brand and eventually makes them money at some level. I’m asking you, the fans, to be informed. Do your own thinking. They will say a guy is too short to play QB… he’ll win a SuperBowl. They will say he’s too small to play linebacker. He’ll make an interception for a touchdown in this biggest stage the game has to offer. They will say he is too tall to play corner, not quick enough, not smart enough… and become the best corner in the game. They will say he can’t because of this, he can’t because of that… and they will continue to be wrong… Why? Because they are human. They want to look at the 40. The shuttle. They broad jump. The vertical jump. All of these measurables. But they will continue to miss. Why? Because you can not measure the Heart, Passion and Relentlessness to be great that someone has deep down in their soul. So while these pundits and so-called expert analyst fill the air with their irrelevant jargon, realize they are talking about PEOPLE. Realize these people are not just items to be shown off at the combine to be auctioned off to the highest bidder. Didn’t think about that Because at the end of the day, the players are all expendable. The only thing that matters to the NFL is the brand of NFL. So don’t get mad when players are deemed ‘selfish’ or ‘not about the team.’ They wouldn’t be at this level if that was the case.In a business that is geared to protecting itself, how could you blame the players who put their bodies on the line for doing the same? Just remember that. 100.”

I have a feeling Roger Goodell is not going to be happy about Baldwin’s rant.


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