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Drew Brees tells David Letterman that fans are sick of hearing about the bounty scandal 71

It’s no secret that Drew Brees is a very frustrated individual. Between the contract nightmare he’s going through with the Saints and watching bountygate unravel and destroy the reputation of a team that he had helped rebuild, I can’t say I blame him. After a whole lot of silence, though, Brees finally vented a bit on the David Letterman show last night. He went onto the show to discuss PACE, a program for concussion testing, but ended up discussing bountygate more than anything else.

Drew Brees shared his opinions on the scandal with late show host David Letterman on Thursday

Brees was finally able to let off a little steam, saying that he felt that it was more of a “media” campaign than an attempt to bring truth to the matter.

During the interview, which can be found here, Brees says that he feels like the American public (himself included) is tired of hearing about the bountygate scandal.

“We don’t want to talk about it anymore. Put forth the facts, the truth, and if indeed there was a pay-to-injure scheme, then people will get punished, and if there’s not, then let’s exonerate these men because, at this point, it seems like it’s a smear campaign. We’re dragging them through the mud, we’re ruining their reputations and careers with no true evidence.”

He isn’t the only person who believes that the scandal is turning into a smear campaign either, as former Saints (now Browns) Linebacker Scott Fujita said something very similar when asked about the scandal by the associated press.

I think the longer this scandal gets drawn out, the more there is going to be a call for the evidence to be released by the NFL.  The question has to be asked though…


If the NFL has proof of the pay-for-injury pool, why haven’t they released it yet?
It seems like the NFL is either hiding something or doesn’t have enough proof to confirm the bounty scandal as legitimate. With more players coming forward in protest, it might be time for the league to put their cards on the table.

I personally agree with Drew Brees. I’m tired of hearing about the bounty scandal day after day with no factual evidence released to back up the league’s claims. So far Brees, Scott Fujita, and Johnathon Vilma have all come out and said to the media that they want to see clear evidence of wrong-doing. The longer this goes on, the bigger the outcry for this will be.

In a bit of a humorous note, David Letterman also offered to get Drew Brees a roster spot on his hometown New York Jets.

“If you’re fed up, I can get you a deal with the (New York) Jets,” Letterman said.

“They have enough quarterbacks,” Brees answered with a smile.


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