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Dwayne Bowe: “I’m going to lead the league in receptions” 75

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Wide receivers are known as one of the most positions to have guys with extreme confidence, which often leads to their diva tendencies. Dwayne Bowe is definitely not an exception to the confidence rule, or maybe he just doesn’t know who Calvin or Andre Johnson are. I say this because apparently Bowe is under the impression he is going to lead the league in receptions this year. At least, that is what he told NFL on ESPN:

I guess we can’t blame Bowe, who has had the likes of Matt Cassel and Brady Quinn throwing to him lately, who have now been replaced by Alex Smith and a pass-happy coach in Andy Reid. You could say its not COMPLETELY unrealistic Bowe could live up to this promise, but my rebuttal would simply be: Megatron. Also, the real challenge for Bowe may be not having an established number two receiver beside him to stop teams from simply doubling him. Either way, I love what Kansas City has done early on in the Reid regime, and I see them as a sneaky pick to make the playoffs. Smith gives KC a true game-manager (which for some reason has a negative connotation to it), and the big wild-card for this team is keeping Jamaal Charles healthy. Smith is used to not being the focal point of an offense, and his experience could lead the Chiefs to their first playoff appearance since 2010.

By: Frank Santos


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