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Fans write newspaper to complain about noise at CenturyLink Field in Seattle 71

The home-field advantage is one of the better-known aspects in all of sports. Numbers continuously show that playing in your home stadium produces positive results. Many factors can be attributed to this notion, whether it is the comfort of sleeping in your own bed the night before a big game, or merely the familiarity with the nooks and crannies of your home-field. Another undeniable factor is the crowd, and their support for you. This was on full display this past Sunday in Seattle when the Seahawks squared off against their division rival San Francisco 49ers, and the crowd set a Guinness World Record for noise in a stadium, topping 136.6 decibels, annihilating the previous mark of 131.7 set in Instabul, Turkey.

Apparently, not everyone was so happy about the noise coming out of Seattle. Two residents of Point Reyes Station, California, Judy Spelman and Richard Schiller, wrote a letter to the San Francisco Chronicle discussing their displeasure with the noise in Seattle, calling it “unsportsmanlike.” This is the part where I casually note Point Reyes Station is approximately an hour from San Francisco. Here is the letter, courtesy of Reddit:

I am going on the assumption that the two authors are serious about their complaints, and if so, my only response is… seriously?

We are complaining about home teams making it TOO HARD for the opponent to win? As a fan, making noise and disrupting the opposing team is probably the only ACTUAL difference you can make in a game. It’s sports; that’s what this is all about.

I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion, their very closed-minded wrong opinions even…

By: Frank Santos- Sports-Kings Co-Founder


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