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Fantasy Football: Buy/Sell 74

Columnist: Pat Nicoloff

These next few weeks are the time to make moves in fantasy football. Let’s take a look at a few of the guys to dump and a couple to snatch up.


Steven Jackson: He’s running well lately, but his schedule is brutal down the stretch. He gets San Fran, Seattle, Cincy and Pittsburgh in weeks 13-16. That’s not a friendly postseason schedule for owners planning on winning those games.

Ahmad Bradshaw: Deal him while his 3 TD performance is in recent memory. I don’t see him doing well against Dallas, Washington, and the Jets down the stretch.

Rashard Mendenhall: The Steelers are set up to pass. Mendy’s numbers bear that fact out. He’s not getting enough carries and the holes aren’t there. See if you can get something from his name value and big 2010 season.

Dez Bryant: Dez has been facing all of the attention from opposing secondaries. It’s killing his numbers. The next few weeks don’t look any brighter. He gets Aqib Talib in week 15 and Nnamdi again in week 16. Dallas is not going to be a juggernaut offense this year.

Larry Fitzgerald: It’s just been too easy to take Fitz out of the game this year. He’s so pissed that he even went to the press to bitch about not having a real receiver across from him (not his usual style). They’re going to roll safeties his way all the way down the stretch. Try to bank on his name value here.



Ryan Fitzpatrick: His schedule hasn’t been kind lately, so the numbers haven’t been there like they were in the first few weeks. This makes it an ideal time to make a move for him, especially when you consider that he gets the Chargers, Dolphins, Broncos, and Patriots in the final weeks of the season. He’ll burn ’em all.

Cedric Benson: Texans, Cardinals, Rams is what he’s looking at in the fantasy playoff weeks. Go get him. Two of those are in Cincy. Expect snow, warm weather opponents freezing their asses off, and Benson plowing over guys.

Vincent Jackson: Jackson only sees one great man-cover corner from weeks 10-16. That’s Champ Bailey in week 12. Other than that, he’s set up to have some monster games. And there will probably be some must-wins down the stretch for San Diego.

Greg Olsen: Olsen is becoming esssentially the WR2 for Cam Newton. He’ll have the occassional slow game, but the catches and touchdowns are going to come in bunches. And Cam is just going to get better with this offense. He’s open a lot.

Bills D: This D just slaughtered John Beck. They’re a turnover-creating machine and they now look to have turned up the heat on QB’s. That coupled with the schedule bringing them Matt Moore and Tim Tebow in week 15 and 16, and you couldn’t ask for any more in a D.



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