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Favorite Sports in Vietnam 1

Contrary to many people’s beliefs, the Vietnamese have considerable enthusiasm for sports. Studies conducted recently revealed that there are many sports betting fans from this region who bet on different kinds of sports. What’s more, there are also top-rated sports betting sites such as Bondagso, which is one of the most reliable betting sites in Vietnam. Here, we explore the most popular sports in Vietnam that shows where their interests are:

1. Football

Football is one of the well-liked sports in Vietnam. However, the national team’s history is limited because they were operating as two teams as they waited for players to make a breakthrough to renowned leagues in Europe.

The V League was established in 1980, and its popularity has been growing at a frightening rate. For example, the men’s game has four tiers, and women have their own league too. The country has not achieved much on the international scene. However, the country’s youth team finished second in the 2018 Under 23 AFC Championship.

Although they have never featured in the FIFA World Cup, the 2022 World Cup in Qatar is still a possibility. They indeed have a bright future!

2. Basketball

Basketball is a growing sport in Vietnam and is not rooted in its history books. Moreover, its interest among the Vietnamese is growing fast. Vietnam joined FIBA in 1952 but has struggled to register any notable achievements. Their third finish in the Southeastern Asian games in 2019 is their best performance so far.

Moreover, they recently received the rights to view the NBA. This will go a long way in inspiring budding basketballers as they watch the best in the world do their thing.

 3. Badminton

Badminton is another popular sport in Vietnam. The country encourages people to play the sport with free-to-use courts available everywhere. Moreover, many people are eager to use these free facilities to play the sport.

From a competitive perspective, the Vietnamese are respected in Badminton tournaments. Nguyen Tien, a 38-year-old badminton player, is famous for registering success in the Southeastern Asian Games, the BWF Grand Prix, and the World Championships.

4. Aussie Rules

It is an open secret that the Vietnamese love Aussie Rules. This might surprise many, but the game is deeply ingrained in the mind of the country’s public. The first time Aussie Rules was played in Vietnam was during the Vietnam War. It came in the form of a match between the 5th Battalion of the Royal Australian Regiment.

However, it took several years to be recognized as a professional sport formally. Currently, the country is represented in the AFL Asian League, which boasts more than 1500 registered players.  

5. Rugby

Rugby is another sport whose popularity is growing in Vietnam. The sport was introduced when the country was part of French Indochina. However, the game was played mainly by French immigrants. After Vietnam gained independence, there was a long break because of several factors such as political and financial issues.

At the moment, the sport is mainly played in the country’s capital. Besides that, their relationship with France has helped grow the sport in the country. For example, those who meet the criteria can play for the French national team.

Final Thoughts

The sports discussed above are the most popular in Vietnam. However, there is still room for improvement for sports to grow in the country.



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