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Filmmaker Sean Pamphilon releases phone number; Calls out Albert Breer 74

This offseason hasn’t been going too well for the New Orleans Saints, as they’ve been in a negative spotlight due to their pay-for-performance Bounty Scandal. While the issue was still young and fresh in the news, Filmaker Sean Pamphilon released some audio tape of Gregg Williams that was recorded in the NFC Playoff game between the Saints and 49ers.

Pamphilon is back in the news over the last couple of days, due to being called out by Albert Breer of, saying that Pamphilon was “sneaky” and “went behind the backs” of several Saints players to release the tapes.  In the series of events, he’s appeared on several radio shows shooting down the ‘sneakiness’ that he is alleged of and reiterating that he was instructed by several Saints players, including Drew Brees and former Saints LB Scott Fujita to release the tape.

He’s still taking a lot of heat as many question his motives in doing so. Today, Pamphilon released his phone number via his Twitter account to let people call him so he can “convert one hater at a time”. He’s said all the calls so far have been 100% supportive of him, and while doing so, he took a few shots at’s Albert Breer, who has painted a bad picture of him throughout all of this.

Below is a screenshot of his Twitter feed

I commend Sean for putting out the tapes, and it opened up a lot of eyes as to what was going on in New Orleans. Give him a shout if you’d like to weigh in, the number is real!


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