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Former Cardinals QB Kurt Warner Talks About Peyton Manning’s Fit in Arizona 81

NFL Analyst and former Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner joined Sirius XM NFL’s hosts Adam Schein and Rich Gannon to talk about landing spots for Peyton Manning.  Schein commented that he and Gannon thought Arizona is the ideal situation for Manning and how head coach Ken Whisenhunt was adaptable to Warner’s strengths when he was with the Cardinals.  Schein believed Whisenhunt would change his gameplan to fit Manning’s desires.  Warner agreed:

“I think for one of the reasons you guys are pointing to I think it’s a great fit…I think they’re in a situation here where we know the coach (Whisenhunt) is willing to adjust to his skill players…you know something he did with me, something he did around Larry  (Fitzgerald) and Anquan (Boldin)…the players that we had and the way we were built were much different from the ways he liked to do things coming from Pittsburgh…he was very open to saying, ‘Hey, how can we be successful?’…That’s the bottom line.”

Warner went on to talk about some of the question marks that might make Manning hesitant to choose the Cardinals:

“With Peyton, the questions with Arizona for me right now are offensive line…where are they at with their two tackles and the ability to protect Peyton Manning?  I think that’s something he is definitely going to be concerned about…we all know about Larry Fitzgerald and he is an amazing piece to the puzzle, but what secondary receiver do they have?  Who’s going to be able to complement him (Fitzgerald) and allow me (Manning) to do the things I’ve always done?…The one thing we know about Peyton is that he wants to throw to the open guy…those are the two biggest questions I have”

Warner then assessed the Cardinals as a whole and why, as a team, the Cardinals may or may not be an attractive option for Manning:

“I think, to me, when you look at this team, good solid defense that came on at the end of the year…they’re young on that side of the ball…you got Larry Fitzgerald, I like the two young backs (Chris “Beanie” Wells and Ryan Williams)…it fits from the ability to come in and adjust the system to him, but does it fit from personnel standpoint of where Peyton is and where he wants to be?”

Warner was a quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals from 2005-2009 and led the franchise to their only Super Bowl appearance in 2008. He retired after the 2009 season and currently works as an analyst for the NFL Network.


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