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Geno Smith to start for New York Jets 0

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The New York Jets announced today that Geno Smith will be the team’s Week One Starter, and not Michael Vick.

“This is no slight to Mike Vick, believe me,” Jets head coach Rex Ryan said. “I wanted to come out of this knowing we had two really good quarterbacks that we think can win games. In my heart, I think we have two we can win games with.”

Smith said he always felt like he would be the starter.

“The handwriting was pretty much on the wall. It’s a big deal, but nothing will change. It’s the same mindset for me,” Smith said.

Vick, a veteran who joined the team this season, said that he is happy for Smith.

“I think it’s great for Geno,” Vick said. “I knew the entire time that Geno was going to be the starter, but Geno went out and proved that he’s capable of running this team and putting this team in a position to win.”

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