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Giants LB Keith Rivers has a passion for Contemporary Art 65

Below is an interview by Exhibition A highlighting Giants linebacker Keith Rivers and his passion for contemporary art. Rivers is one of many professional athletes that have an extensive collection of art.


We thought we’d share this with our readers because it’s not everyday they get to see the hobbies that some of their favorite players have and it gives us a nice break from writing about players getting arrested and making fools of themselves.

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Keith Rivers is a linebacker for The New York Giants.

How did you first become interested in contemporary art?

I got into contemporary art while attending the University of Southern California. I was fortunate to be exposed to some awesome shows with work by Warhol and Basquiat. I furthered that interest when I bought my first piece, a Warhol electric chair print, after my second year in the NFL. Since then, I’ve concentrated my collection on young emerging artists.

Rivers’ living room. Painting over fireplace by Lucien Smith; drawings on far wall by Joe Bradley.

Are there any other professional football players you know who collect art?

I’m sure there are other players out there, but I don’t personally know of any. Nevertheless, Earnie Barnes was a prolific artist who also played in the NFL.

Tell us about a few pieces you live with.

Some of the pieces in my collection include Tony Lewis, Zak Prekop, Lucien Smith, Raymond Pettibon and Joe Bradley.  Prekop’s work is one of my favorites because it was the first original work I obtained. I stumbled upon it without any advisement; this made me feel like a real collector. I also really connect to my Pettibon. The work is of Rodin…I like to think of myself as a thinker.

Raymond Pettibon

Have you purchased Exhibition A prints before?

Some of the prints I’ve picked up along the way from Exhibition A include work by Richard Prince, Lucien Smith, and Jeff Elrod.

Any upcoming show you are looking forward to?

I’m really excited to see the Dan Rees show in September at Shane Campbell.  I also love what Bill Brady is doing in Kansas City.

Are there any younger artists who bridge that gap between athletics and painting in a way that resonates with you?

The best confluence between arts and sports, for me, would have to be Jonas Wood.


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