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Goodell to NFL: “Significant discipline” if Wonderlic scores continue to be leaked 75

In a follow up to my article on Monday regarding Morris Claiborne’s 4 out of 50 on the wonderlic test, Roger Goodell seems to be prepared to take a stand against teams leaking the tests results, which are supposed to be released to all 32 teams but not to the general public. Over the years, the test results have been leaked and it seems as though Commissioner Goodell has finally seen enough of it.
According to a memo obtained by the associated press, Goodell has threatened “significant discipline” to any team that leaks information regarding draft picks to the general public. In the memo he says that test scores, personal and family history, and past drug tests are strictly confidential. He states that leaking information like that “can be extremely damaging to players, clubs, and the league.”

This memo comes on the heels of highly touted CB Morris Claiborne (LSU) receiving a 4 out of 50 on his wonderlic test, and the results subsequently being leaked through an unknown source. Claiborne’s scores are the lowest since 2000, when Iowa State running back Danny Davis also scored a 4.

Peter Schrager of FOX news probably put the entire debacle into perspective best:

“Whether Claiborne even scored a four is really neither here nor there, though. The real issue is that the report was even leaked at all. Whether true or false, it’s a nefarious act from an individual or individuals who clearly have some incentives to damage a young man. Did the score come from a team that wants to draft Claiborne and thought the information would stray another team away from doing so? Or was it from an agent trying to better position his own client, potentially a top cornerback, himself? You’ll drive yourself crazy playing Andy Sipowicz trying to figure that one out. If you’re going to hold these kids responsible and ask them to honor their end of the pre-draft process, you should hold all parties responsible for it, too. Maybe I’m getting too worked up over this. After all, the test means nothing.”


Claiborne DID comment on the test being leaked, and seemed unfazed by it, saying “At the end of the day, I WILL be a top 10 pick!” on his private Twitter account.

In a day and age where information is available to anyone just with the click of a mouse, it’s important that the NFL holds individuals accountable if something that is supposed to be private is leaked. Claiborne might not be too worried about his draft status, but if a player saw his draft status drop because of leaked information like this, there could be serious problems. I applaud commissioner Goodell for taking a stand and saying that discipline is on the way if this continues.


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