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Gronkowski Family to get a Reality Show? 82

Oh boy, this could be fun. Perhaps the most animated player in the Belichick-era of Patriots football, Rob Gronkowski, who hasn’t been in trouble at all – but just finds himself in many crazy TMZ-type reports may be heading to the big screen.

Well, maybe not quite the big screen, but a screen in your living room, and I’m not talking about NFL Games on Sundays.

Darren Rovell reports that the Family of the record-breaking Tight End are in talks with William Morris Endeavor to develop a TV Show, a book and speaking engagements.

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We’ve seen Rob in various Youtube videos, and scratchy cell phone videos at the club late at night – but we’re assuming this would be a little more professional in terms of recording and production.

With the Patriots being known as one of the teams that prefer their players shy away from this type of activity, Gronk just signed a mega-deal with the Pats and if all goes well on this end, may be signing another type of deal to have a film crew follow him and his family around.

The team has already pulled the plug on the eventful summer for Gronkowski, or the Summer of Gronk, if you will.. He got his deal, appeared in a nude edition of ESPN Magazine, appeared on a celebrity dating show and played in a celebrity home run derby. The team had enough and asked him to tone it down a bit heading into the latter part of the offseason.

I wonder if they’ll call the possible upcoming show ‘Keeping up with the Gronkowski’s’ or something original like that.

Rob is the better-known of his family, but he also is the sibling to four other brothers. Two of whom play in the NFL with him, and a fourth working his way to the league.  The other made his way to the MLB, and currently plays in the Frontier League.

We know how great Rob is, but according to his father, the youngest brother Glenn is the best of the bunch. We’ll see how that turns out if and when he makes his way to the NFL.


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