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5 questions to ponder for fantasy football in 2013 88

It might be early, but fantasy football season is just around the corner. Why not start preparing to win that championship now? Planning early can be the difference between…

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So without further ado, lets get started!


1) Amendola or Welker?

One of the more interesting acquisitions so far this off-season is Tom Brady’s favorite target, Wes Welker, pulling a Judas and joining Brady’s sworn enemy Peyton Manning in Denver. New England didn’t seem phased (even though someone in Brady’s camp was reportedly enraged about Welker’s departure) and immediately signed former Rams WR Danny Amendola. Amendola is seen as a Welker clone by some, but younger and with more sure hands. Amendola will take Welker’s spot at slot in New England while Welker takes over the slot position from Demarius Thomas in Denver. I think Danny Amendola will be more successful for fantasy owners because a slot position in the Patriots offense guarantees him a ton of touches if he stays healthy. Even though Amendola will be more successful in my opinion in 2013, I still think Welker will be picked up earlier in drafts due to his stellar reputation that he gained in New England.

2) Will Mike Wallace a WR1 candidate in Miami?

I don’t think so. He had a down year in 2012. He was hurt by a holdout in the offseason last year and injuries to Ben Roethlisberger. He IS one of the fastest players in the league. According to Christopher Harris of ESPN, he will be reliant on QB Ryan Tannehill to get him the ball down the field as well as Bryan Hartline and Davone Bess to try and run enough routes well to keep the defense off his back. In Tannehill’s rookie season, he threw 12 touchdowns and 13 interceptions. That’s not awful, but it’s not elite either. Wallace’s success (and the success of the owners who draft him) will rely strongly on Tannehill’s ability to get him the ball downfield. I think he’s a solid WR2, but not quite a WR1.


3) What’s Reggie Bush’s value in Detroit?

I think he’ll be solid, as he has the opportunity to be the featured back in Detroit. Will he be the second coming to Barry Sanders? Highly doubtful. Still, I think he’ll be a great pickup for whoever grabs him. Be aware, though, that Mikel Leshoure is a good goal line back, so Bush may be the victim of some classic goal-line vulturing. In PPR formats, Bush should be a great pickup because Detroit will surely throw him the ball on short screens and routes. In my opinion, he’s a high level RB2 if not a late pickup for RB1.

4) Who is the #2 running back in fantasy rankings?

The reason I don’t ask who should be #1 is simple. His name is Adrian Peterson. This isn’t a question. He almost broke the single season record last year despite coming back who some would say prematurely from a knee injury in 2011. Imagine what this man is capable of on two healthy legs… Anyway, back to the point. If AP is number 1, who’s number 2? Could it be Jamaal Charles? Arian Foster? Marshawn Lynch? In my opinion, it’s none of the above. My #2 running back is Bills RB CJ Spiller. According to, Spiller forced 66 missed tackles on 250 touches. While Peterson led the league in missed tackles with 71, he did it on 388 carries. He also ran for 15 or more yards on about 7.7% of his carries. Arian Foster rushed for 15 or more yards on just 4.8 percent of his carries. The only thing that could slow Spiller down would be fellow Bills RB Fred Jackson. But due to frequent injuries and age, I don’t think Jackson will be as much of a factor as much as people seem to think. If Spiller is given carries and stays healthy, he’s dangerous and definitely a RB1 this season. He’s a homerun threat every time he touches the ball, and with Buffalo’s lack of a quarterback the running game is going to be a focus.

5) Who’s the #1 QB in the league to draft?

There are a lot of candidates for the honor of #1 QB in leagues this year. For me, it’s obvious. Every year it seems like people doubt that he can keep up his ridiculous numbers, and yet he still does. Tom Brady is obviously the #1 quarterback in the NFL for me this year in fantasy football. The often used cliche “good teams don’t rebuild, they reload” obviously refers to New England. As evidenced by my first point, as soon as Wes Welker left New England (or as some reported, even before that) they had signed Danny Amendola, giving Brady yet ANOTHER weapon in his arsenal. He has the ability to make mediocre wide receivers look great, and great wide receivers look absolutely unstoppable. Brady is one of those guys that you can always make a case to take with a first round pick, even when everyone around you are scooping up running backs like crazy. You can’t go wrong with Brady as your #1 quarterback.



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