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Brandon Jacobs pays back 6-year-old and more 64

The story that surfaced earlier this month regarding Brandon Jacobs and the Six-year-old boy that sent him $3.36 to return to the New York Giants was a memorable one. The boy’s father had to tell his son that Jacobs had to leave the Giants because they didn’t have enough money to keep him on the team, the boy responded by sending him every last penny that he had saved up in his piggy bank.

The letter and money that Jacobs tweeted out upon receiving it

Now, Jacobs has returned the favor. Jacobs paid back the youngster with a five dollar bill, and an Autographed Giants Helmet. Jacobs said he is keeping the original money that was sent to him, as it was something that almost brought him to tears. Jacobs also treated the boy to a day he’ll never forget. They planned out a day at Chuck-E-Cheese, but decided against it so they didn’t create too much of a scene. They rented out a bounce house in Boonton, NJ and Jacobs brought his kids along to play. Jacobs and the kids played for nearly two hours non-stop.

An awesome story in the NFL with a ton going on that focuses on the negative, this is one that is sure to stick around. Even though the boy doesn’t get his wish of Jacobs returning to the Giants, this is a nice exchange.


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