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Greg Schiano Leaked Freeman’s Personal Info, According to NFLPA 96

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If you don’t know by now, Greg Schiano and Josh Freeman don’t like each other very much. Freeman’s laid back demeanor and Schiano’s reported military style of coaching was not a good fit to begin with, but things finally came to a head this season. Freeman missed team meetings, was stripped of his captaincy, and news leaked that Josh Freeman was in stage-one of an NFL substance abuse program. Sounds enough to get rid of a guy, right?

Well things weren’t so clear, as reports of head coach Greg Schiano rigging the team vote of Freeman’s captaincy and purposely telling him not to show up leaked, and players from other teams and Tampa Bay began speaking out in support of Freeman.

Josh Freeman was eventually released, and it looked like the game was finally over. According to the NFLPA, however, Schiano took the dispute to a whole new level a few weeks ago, and was the mystery leak behind the news.

“In correspondence obtained Saturday by USA TODAY Sports, the union says it has no confidence in the NFL’s separate investigation, in part because the union is unaware of any previous league investigation into a confidentiality breach that has yielded discipline. And the NFLPA contends it has information the original breach occurred when Schiano discussed Freeman’s status in the league’s substance-abuse program with other Buccaneers players, prior to the quarterback’s Oct. 3 release”

The NFLPA has been conducting its own investigation, but does not have the authority to interview Greg Schiano or other officials. If the NFL and NFLPA joined forces to investigate Schiano, it would be an unprecedented move that would likely spell the end of Schiano’s tenure as head coach of the Buccaneers. This is gonna get even uglier, folks.

 Story via USA Today


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