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Johnny Manziel To Sue Over Lawsuit Hoax? 0

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Johnny Manziel just can’t seem to stay out of the news, even if its not his fault. Manziel, now a member of the Cleveland Browns, was allegedly part of a lawsuit hoax, where a prankster filed a lawsuit accusing Manziel of sexual harassment. The “accuser” in this case, HLN’s Samantha Schacher, also a victim of false involvement, has confirmed that the lawsuit is indeed not true.

However, Manziel’s agent is not ruling out potential legal retaliation on their part, which could include a lawsuit of their own. NBC’s ProFootballTalk provides additional details about the initial lawsuit, and potential responses:

The woman named as the plaintiff in the lawsuit, HLN contributor Samantha Schacher, said via Twitter that the civil complaint filed in a Florida federal court is indeed a hoax.  She claims that the person who filed the lawsuit is named Jonathan Lee Riches, who has a history of filing lawsuits.  To say the least.

Riches, who surely has none, now may be on the receiving end of a lawsuit from Manziel.  Via USA Today, agent Erik Burkhardt said that litigation is possible.

“We absolutely will protect our client to the fullest extent of the law,” Burkhardt said.

This is just very…bizarre. Riches seems like a very troubled man. Luckily, Johnny Football is all too familiar with being in the spotlight already; I’m sure this isn’t nearly as bizarre to him as it is to me… Just another day in the life of a back-up quarterback famous athlete.

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