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Mark Sanchez’s Butt Fumble Has Its Own Wikipedia Page 51

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You watched it on the field. You’ve seen it all over ESPN. You’ve replayed it over and over on Youtube. Now, the infamous Butt Fumble is available to relive in all its glory on Wikipedia.

Yes, you read that right folks. A play has its own Wikipedia article not because of its significance or the level of skill it took, but because it was such a massive failure that it needed to be recorded as a historical play in the NFL.

Normally bad plays are laughed at for a few weeks and then forgotten about, but Mark Sanchez (and Brandon Moore’s butt) weren’t so lucky, as this particularly embarrassing footage has been seen by just about every fan in America time and time again for the last nine months. In fact, Sports Center recently had to retire the Butt Fumble from their segment “Worst of the Worst”.

Per ESPN: “On September 6, 2013, ESPN retired the butt fumble from “Worst of the Worst” after going undefeated for 40 weeks. A SportsCenter producer explained that it was time to “start fresh” as the 2013 NFL season began. Negandhi concluded, “Time to get some new material and years from now, when we see a really bad play, we’ll say, ‘But can it compare to the Butt Fumble?’ That is setting a legacy.”

When asked about the constant coverage of the biggest fail of his life, Sanchez responded, “People ask me about the butt fumble and say, ‘Gosh, doesn’t that really bum you out?’ Are you kidding me? You think every Friday if it comes on ‘SportsCenter’ I’m just down in the dumps? Who cares? I’m working out. I’m hanging with my family. I’m doing some charity thing. I’m getting water for Geno Smith. It’s the last thing on my mind.”

One has to think that Sanchez is telling the truth in his claims that there is a life after the Butt Fumble. But when he’s in his bed late at night, we all know he is reeling from the nightmares of Brandon Moore’s butt engulfing his very soul.


By Cody Milford



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