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Special Teams:

Isabel Kluwe, Wife of free agent P Chris Kluwe

Isabel Kluwe (Photo via FABWAGS)

Isabel Kluwe (Photo via FABWAGS)

Punters are people too! And they can have some pretty hot wives. This is Isabel Kluwe. Her husband technically isn’t in the NFL at this moment but he’ll end up on a roster next season. Some people think he might be gay after his aid to get the message out about equality, but those people have obviously never seen Isabel.

Rebecca Feely, Wife of Cardinals K Jay Feely

Rebecca Feely (Robin Platzer/ Twin Images)

Rebecca Feely (Robin Platzer/ Twin Images)

Kickers don’t get very much love, but we’re different. Here’s Rebecca Feely, wife of Cards kicker Jay. She’s hot, and she’ll round out the 2013 All-WAG team!


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