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Shenae Chantel, Fiance of 49ers LB Patrick Willis

Shenae Chantel (Photo via Instagram)

Shenae Chantel (Photo via Instagram)

The best linebacker in the game has arguably the best linebacker WAG in the game as well. This is Shenae Saifi, but she goes by Shenae Chantel. We don’t know much about her other than her relationship with Patrick Willis, but we don’t need to. Just look.

Morgan Hart, Girlfriend of Patriots LB Donta Hightower

Morgan Hart (Photo via Ballerwives)

Morgan Hart (Photo via Ballerwives)\

Two thumbs up to Morgan Hart. This blonde beauty is the babe of Patriots linebacker Donta Hightower and she’s a must-see WAG. She is a writer and a PR Aficionado, according to her Twitter, and she’s a huge sports fan which is most definitely a plus.

Chantel Rostant, Fiance of Patriots LB Jerod Mayo

Chantel Rostant (Photo via Model Mayhem)

Chantel Rostant (Photo via Model Mayhem)

The Patriots have a pretty good WAG roster, don’t they. Here’s another Patriot lady. This is Chantel Rostant, the girlfriend of Pats linebacker Jerod Mayo. He also has his own line of Mayonnaise, but that’s not what we’re here for. His lady is top of the line!


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