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Backup Linebackers:

Megan McShane, Girlfriend of Cowboys LB Sean Lee

Megan McShane (Photo via CowboysEdge)

Megan McShane (Photo via CowboysEdge)

Apparently the WAGS of Cowboys players do a fashion show every year, and we won’t hold anything against them for it. This is Megan McShane, the girlfriend of linebacker Sean Lee. The Cowboys gave him a long-term deal to keep him around, we’re thinking he should do the same for her.

Megan Cushing, Wife  of Texans LB Brian Cushing

Megan Ohai (Photo via PacRepublic)

Megan Cushing (Photo via PacRepublic)

The lovely lady on the left is the Wife of Texans linebacker Brian Cushing. She played soccer at USC and grew up about 15 minutes from where I live. I didn’t know this until I started to research her. She and Brian have been married now for quite some time. Rumor has it her chairs don’t need a cushion…

Vanessa Alleyne, Girlfriend of Lions LB Stephen Tulloch

Vanessa Alleyne (Photo via LionsBlog)

Vanessa Alleyne (Photo via LionsBlog)

Vanessa is the lady on the right in the photo, and she’s dating Lions ‘backer Stephen Tulloch. She appears with him at numerous events and she always looks good. She definitely earns a roster spot here.


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