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Starting RB: Ashley Brown, Fiance of Vikings RB Adrian Peterson

RB1 - Ashley Brown (Photo via

RB1 – Ashley Brown (Photo via

Adrian Peterson is one hell of a running back, and his Fiance isn’t too bad either. Elizabeth Brown, better known as Ashley Brown once appeared in Playboy as seen above. Peterson and Brown started dating in their Freshman year at OU and have been engaged for a couple of years.

Backup RB: Romina Foster, Wife of Texans RB Arian Foster

RB2 - Romina Foster (Photo via PlayerWives)

RB1-2 – Romina Foster (Photo via PlayerWives)

Arian Foster hasn’t seen the field for a few weeks after being placed on Injured Reserve, but he has nothing to worry about with a wife like Romina to care for him. Together since college, Romina was reportedly the driving force for him signing with the Texans. As the 7th round came to a close and Foster went undrafted, Romina assessed each teams’ depth at RB and told him to choose the Texans. She’s a beautiful woman that understands football – what’s not to love?

3rd String RB: Michelle Beltran-McKnight wife of fmr Jets RB Joe McKnight

RB3 - Michelle Beltran-McKnight (Photo via FabWAGS)

RB3 – Michelle Beltran-McKnight (Photo via FabWAGS)

Joe McKnight hasn’t played a snap in the NFL since being released by the Jets in August ’13, but he’s technically still an NFL Player, so his wife is eliglible on this list. Johanna, also known as Michelle, was one of the focal points surrounding the scandal of the Black Land Rover that McKnight drove around while at USC. Nothing ever came of it, but she’s pretty hot so she gets a roster spot.

RB4: Tasha Malek, Girlfriend of Texans RB Ben Tate

RB4 - Tasha Malek (Photo via Bourgy)

RB4 – Tasha Malek (Photo via Bourgy)

The running backs in Houston know what they’re doing. Meet Tasha Malek, formerly of the Bad Girls Club. Malek is rumored to be pregnant with Ben Tate’s child. The two have been dating for several years despite going to rival colleges. Tate went to Auburn and Malek went to Alabama. I’m sure that rivalry is fun for them.


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