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WR1: Jessie James, Wife of Broncos WR Eric Decker

WR1 - Jessie James (Photo via Maxim)

WR1 – Jessie James (Photo via Maxim)

Eric Decker has arguably the best quarterback in the league tossing the rock to him, but he tossed the rock to arguably the best reciever Wife of all-time. Meet Jessie James, a country music superstar that was passed over by almost every label in Nashville before taking the big stage. She married Decker in June 2013, officially dropping off the market.

WR2: Miranda Brooke, Fiance of Bengals WR AJ Green 

WR2 - Miranda Brooke (Photo via TotalProSports)

WR2 – Miranda Brooke (Photo via TotalProSports)

Another receiver, another singer. Meet Miranda Brooke, an R&B singer engaged to Bengals’ stud receiver AJ Green. Brooke and Green have dated for a few years and Green says that she’ll be more famous than him. She’s pretty good looking as well, so she gets a roster spot for sure.

WR3: Kelsi Reich, Fiance of Jets WR David Nelson 

WR3 - Kelsi Reich (Photo via TDEntertainment)

WR3 – Kelsi Reich (Photo via TDEntertainment)

Some of you may recall Reich, Girlfriend of Jets receiver David Nelson. The couple became famous in the media when David, then a member of the Buffalo Bills, scored a touchdown in Jerry’s house and ran over to a Cowboys Cheerleader giving her a big smooch and the football. That cheerleader was Reich, and she’s gorgeous. Nelson was an undrafted free agent that picked up a Cowboys Cheerleader and went from there. She left the Cowboys in 2012, but remains with Nelson.

WR4: Jessica Burciaga, Girlfriend of Saints WR Lance Moore

WR4 - Jessica Burciaga (Photo via SailorandSaint)

WR4 – Jessica Burciaga (Photo via SailorandSaint)

When I first started minor research for this project I put Moore’s name down because I knew he was dating Model Kasey Trione – but apparently the two weren’t dating any longer and Moore has himself a new toy. Meet Jessica Buriciaga, part model part business woman and full sexy.  The two have reportedly been dating for a few months now and I must say, he’s doing a good job at selecting his women.


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