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Ranking The Top 5 Running Backs For 2019 0

If you turn the clock back to 2010, the top five running backs were Arian Foster, Jamaal Charles, Michael Turner, Chris Johnson and Maurice Jones-Drew. Of those five, only two are still effective runners in the NFL. With the short shelf life of an NFL running back, peering into the future to decide who will be the top back in 2019 may be a difficult task. With that being said, I am confident these five guys will still be relevant in 2019 (or I will at least get 2 out of the 5 right):

(Credit: AP Photo/David Goldman)

(Credit: AP Photo/David Goldman)

5. Todd Gurley – University of Georgia (No Current NFL Team) – Current Age: 20 – Age At Start of 2019 Season: 25
2014 Stats: 123 Attempts – 911 Rushing Yards – 7.41 Yards Per Attempt – 9 Rushing Touchdowns – 12 Receptions – 57 Receiving Yards
2019 Stats: 245 Attempts – 1,150 Rushing Yards – 8 Rushing Touchdowns – 15 Receptions – 125 Receiving Yards

Putting a college player on this list is difficult for me and predicting what a player who hasn’t even played a snap in the NFL is hard. However, Gurley has the size and production to be a great NFL running back. At 6 foot 1, 226 pounds, Gurley is similar in size to players like Arian Foster, Marshawn Lynch and DeMarco Murray. In fact, Gurley’s play style reminds me a lot of Marshawn Lynch. Just like Lynch, with one or two cuts, Gurley can find himself in open space and picking up big chunks of yards. Also, like Lynch, Gurley isn’t afraid to run you over if you get in his way. Once Gurley is drafted, it will be easier to try and pinpoint his future. But, by 2019, Gurley will be one of the best running backs in the league.


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