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St. Louis Rams introduce “Smack Cam” during training camp 98

As much as fans looks forward to the return of football, for most players, especially veterans, training camp is pretty much a pain in the you know where. In turn, players have to come up with creative ways to pass the time and stay interested in the daily grind of camp. Cortland Finnegan of the St. Louis Rams got a little creative, and thanks to social media, we are able to enjoy the fun. The game is called “Smack Cam,” and the title is pretty self-explanatory.

You know in baseball when a player hits a walk-off homer, and his teammates give him a shaving cream pie? This is the football version of that, except they have replaced shaving cream with whipped cream, and are doing it for no reason at all. Well, except to have some fun, and to entertain the hell out of us.

Here are the videos for your enjoyment courtesy of the St. Louis Rams official website:


I recommend clicking the post above to see the other couple of videos. Welcome to training camp!

By: Frank Santos- Sports-Kings Co-Founder


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