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The Patriots Show Perspective Despite Super Bowl Loss and Cut 89

I woke up this morning and began my every-morning ritual of checking Twitter, the sports pages, the news, etc. and was appalled at an article from DeadSpin (posted on Yahoo). In the article, Rob Gronkowski and Matt Light are photographed partying and apparently having a pretty good time, and the author hints that the Patriots should not be having such a good time following their loss. Last time I checked, the New England Patriots had an outstanding season and came within a couple of plays of winning the Super Bowl. I am not sure what point DeadSpin is trying to make, but I have absolutely no problem at all with the Patriots moving on with life after they lost a football GAME.

Amazingly, over the last few days, the Patriots players have showed us a lot about perspective of this game. The night before the Super Bowl, the Patriots cut Tiquan Underwood, who responded with the following tweet:

As soon as I saw the tweet, I followed Underwood & checked his Twitter profile. He had about 3K followers and his timeline was about stuff you would expect from an athlete of his caliber and a man of his age. Today (three days after being cut), he has 14.5K followers and has received numerous accolades for his poise and grace after being excluded from the biggest game of the season. He turned a very bad situation into a positive by his reaction. As of today, the Patriots resigned him.

As for Gronk & Light partying after the game, life goes on folks. The Patriots have not only had an amazing season; they have had an amazing decade+ run of excellence. How many Raiders, Dolphins, Browns, Bills, etc fans would love just to have a taste of the incredible run the Patriots have had since the turn of the century? I am certain that the fans of most of these teams would love to just be in the discussion every year for the playoffs & the Super Bowl. Bill Polian, future Hall of Famer, called the assertion that losing players should sit in a corner with a sack over their head “infantile.” So, I applaud the Patriots, especially Underwood, Gronk, & Light, for putting the game in perspective and showing to all that, despite losing the Super Bowl or not getting to play in it, life does go on.

Rock on, Patriots!


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