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Top NFL Tweets of Week 15 65

Each Tuesday, I’ll put together the top most witty tweets (in no particular order) I’ve seen over the weekend about the NFL & associated topics. My tweets are pulled from my timeline and @NFLRT. Encourage you to follow @NFLRT for retweets from NFL fans like you! If you don’t see yours, don’t give up…just keep tweeting!

Hashtags get more people reading your tweets by the way; hashtag the team you are tweeting about!

In general, I’ll use fan tweets, unless some athlete/coach/media person gets really creative. Words in parentheses are mine added to clarify the context or person the tweet is about.

Cover page Meme courtesy of @NavyVet50!

“#2012taughtme that Legalizing Marijuana will do wonders for your offense. Seahawks and Broncos tearing it up since election day.” – @CJRuckus

“J.E.T.S = Just Eliminated Thanks Sanchez!” – @JoseHeat2006 (after Sanchez tossed five interceptions in a must-win-to-make-the-playoffs game)

“That game was so bad it made Stuart Scott’s other eye lazy” – @Chris_Medlin (after the Jets and Titans played a terrible game Monday night)

“Man, it’s raining good in Foxborough. I hope Bob Costas’ soapbox doesn’t get drenched” – @cynicjrh (a week after Costas used the halftime show to push gun control political agenda)

“DeMarco Murray showing so much crack today Michael Irvin wants to snort him.” – @DextersLibrary (after Murray’s pants were pulled down, completely exposing his butt)

“Ever since that Play 60 kid threatened Cam Newton for his job he’s played great. No QB controversy in Carolina anymore” – @GoogleMe_MILLS

“Sources: Adrian Peterson Ran out of the Stadium in St.Louis and is already back in Minnesota #MVAP” – @RobLoweSports

“Chuck Norris gets permission from Adrian Peterson before he goes to the bathroom.” – @The_Street_FA

“Kirk Cousins will start for the Redskins on Sunday because RG3 will be busy taking lessons from Rob Parker on how to be more black.” – @RealSkipBayliss (parody account)

“Larry Fitzgerald has already offered Kirk Cousins $28M of his own money and his first born son if he demands a trade to Arizona” – @NotShadyMcCoy

A Meme from yours truly celebrating kicker Mason Crosby’s woes:

Hooks So Left

I’ll end each Top NFL Tweets of the Week with an NFL Meme, courtesy of @TheRealNFLMemes (Facebook: NFL Memes):

Alex Smith Start


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