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Back on the front pages again, sending waves through Boston is Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez.  Tuesday, news and headlines brought to light that police tie Hernandez to a possible homicide, in which Aaron neglected to cooperate with police investigators.  A body was found just outside of Hernandez’ home and has been identified as Odin Lloyd.  The man was a semi-pro football player who played for the Boston Bandits, and has ties to Hernandez.

If this all wasn’t bad enough, another legal issue surfaces Wednesday.  A civil lawsuit against Hernandez has been filed in Florida. received a copy of the complaint filed on June 13th.  Within it alleges on February 13th, Hernandez and Alexander S. Bradley were at a strip club in Miami-Dade County, where they engaged in an argument.  It goes on to say that later while driving towards Palm Beach County, a gun in Hernandez’ possession, allegedly licensed improperly, went off, hitting Bradley.

Bradley lost his right eye and had other injuries from the gun shot wound.  A lawyer representing Bradley stated that a previous complaint was filed concerning the matter, but was voluntarily withdrawn on June 17th.  He claims the first complaint was withdrawn because of an error in the filing.  There is an offense report from the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office that is related to the day in question, and reads that a man was found in an alley near Riviera Beach who appeared to have been shot in the head and hand.

When you look at the Patriots offense, you see that there’s no Wes Welker, and your next most notable wide out is an injury-prone speed guy that still hasn’t proven his longevity.  In this situation, we just focus the offense around New England’s monster tight ends, but such is not the case.  Your number one, Rob Gronkowski, has just underwent successful back surgery Tuesday.  His time on the field will definitely be limited, as reports indicate that Gronk will start the season off on the PUP list.  And now your number two has a pair of legal issues, all coming to light within days of each other.

Five weeks stand between new England and official training camp.  The Patriots will need answers quick to prepare for a challenging season ahead.


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