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Interview: Polian Assesses Free Agent Pierre Garçon 56

In the wake of the report by Adam Schefter on Indianapolis Colts’ wide receiver Pierre Garçon rejecting a 5-year contract from the team, Sirius XM NFL Radio’s Jim Miller asked co-host Bill Polian on Moving the Chains to break down Garcon’s game.  Polian was quite favorable in his assessment of the receiver he brought to the team:

“He’s exceptionally physical, he’s exceptionally fast…I’m guessing he’s now 6’2”, 220-225, (and runs) 4.46 or 4.45 (in the 40). He’s got explosive speed. He’s a little inconsistent in that in his senior year of college, he never played in the second half of any game because they were ahead by so many points they benched him.  He’s an incredible deep threat, he’s got great ability to leap, and is a power player at that speed.”

When breaking down the weaknesses in the game, Polian alluded to Garçon’s route running and his hands:

“Where he needs improvement is consistent route running and consistent hand use.  His hands are not as good as they should be for the athletic gifts he has.”

Polian further speculated that there would be continued negotiations between the Colts and Garçon since the rejection of the offer indicated the two were at least talking.  Since being drafted by the Colts in the sixth round of the 2008 draft, he has played in 58 games and amassed 188 receptions for 2,500 yards, and 17 touchdowns. Garçon had five receptions for 66 yards and one touchdown in the Colts’ loss to the New Orleans Saints.


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