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Report: Jake Long agrees to deal with St. Louis Rams; “hinges” on physical 87

Former number one pick Jake Long has found a new home, and will now reportedly anchor the offensive line for the Saint Louis Rams. After his now former team, the Miami Dolphins, signed wide receiver Mike Wallace to a very lucrative deal, it became very likely Long now fell out of their price range.

However, the Dolphins loss is potentially the Rams gain, as Long is seen as one of the premier offensive lineman in the league, and will definitely make Sam Bradford much more comfortable in the pocket than he was in 2012. As is the case most times, fans love to focus on the skill positions, and the signings like Wallace’s will get much more publicity than Long’s, but Long may prove to be the wiser deal.

Long missed four games this past season, the most of any of his four years in the league, and had been the target of many suitors before reportedly agreeing to a deal with the the Saint Louis Rams.

The Rams are quietly having a great off-season and could be primed to give Bradford all of the weapons and protection he needs to succeed.

This could be a make or break year for Bradford.

But for now, he has protection on his left side.

Update: It is now being reported Long’s deal with the Rams “hinges” on his physical examination, and no contract is official yet.


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