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Jets may use Cromartie at WR 68

The New York Jets are always trying something new. Whether it’s using a guy like Tim Tebow in special packages, or using the Former Jet Brad Smith in a variety of ways, they have a trick to doing things.

A big topic of Jets football thusfar has been lack of depth at RB and WR. They haven’t focused too much on bringing in players at either position, but today Jets coach Rex Ryan said that they may be using Antonio Cromartie at Wide Receiver.

“You have 53 guys on your roster and 45 are active and you’re sitting back some games there has to be some crossover,” Ryan said. “Don’t be surprised if Cromartie plays some receiver, that’s something we talked about. You have to be ready for those type of things.”

Using a player on both sides of the ball isn’t new in the NFL, but when it happens it’s talked about quite a bit. If Cro comes to play WR, he knows the tendencies that secondaries use and it might be a plus for him. He might also be a horrible receiver. He does have fairly good hands as a DB though, so it could work out.

Rex also updated the status of Rookie Stephen Hill and said “I definitely take credit for that second round pick. So far so good, but he’s really been impressive.” 

The Jets want to get back to the Ground & Pound offense, but they haven’t reached out to any RB’s to add depth. Maybe they’ll bring someone over from the defense?


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