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Joe Flacco celebrates monster contract with McNuggets 95

(Sherry Norman)

(Sherry Norman)

Joe Flacco recently got paid. When I say paid, I mean the biggest contract in the history of the NFL, so how does one celebrate that?

A Cruise? TV the size of the average backyard? A house the size of a city?


McNuggets! Yes, Chicken McNuggets from McDonalds was the celebration meal of Flacco after signing his monstrous $120 million dollar contract Monday.

Flacco hit a McDonalds drive-thru in Aberdeen, Md shortly after signing and ordered himself a ten-piece McNugget meal with fries and an unsweetened iced tea.

From ESPN’s Darren Rovell:

Sherry Norman, a diehard Ravens fan, glanced at the profile of what she thought looked remarkably like the guy that had just signed a huge contract at the Ravens facility about 40 miles from the McDonald’s and in the direction of Flacco’s New Jersey home.

“I kept saying to the people I work with, ‘Doesn’t that look like Joe Flacco?,’ ” Norman said. “And then he turned towards the window and it was him.”

Norman asked the customer if he was indeed the Ravens quarterback and when he confirmed he was, Norman asked to take a picture. Flacco obliged as Norman snapped the shot and thanked him for a great season.

I’m sure there was a bigger celebration than this when Mrs. Flacco found out about the contract, but at least for Joe he kept it as cool as he did throughout the playoffs on his way to being named Super Bowl MVP.


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