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Joe Flacco Not Happy With Loss, Rips Replacement Refs 58

Joe Flacco is clearly not thrilled by the loss that his Baltimore Ravens endured today, letting the Eagles slip past them by one point in a 24-23 loss.

The Ravens had a chance to win, and a touchdown taken away when a questionable flag was thrown for offensive pass interference on what would have been a 25 yard touchdown pass to Jacoby Jones.

Flacco is fed up with replacement officials (AP Photo/Nick Wass)

After the game, Flacco appeared angry and ripped the replacement refs calling the plays, he said they are “affecting the integrity of the game” and he doesn’t want to complain because he don’t want to sound like a baby. 

He adds that while not wanting to sound like a baby, he is fed up and it needed to be said, which is true.

The replacement refs that the NFL has been using are affecting the game. There are things getting no calls, and silly things being called. The review and background checks of some of these guys aren’t even being done, as it was found out this morning after the league had to pull a referee from the Saints/Panthers game after discovering the ref was a die-hard Saints fan.

There was another questionable call today nearing the end of the Patriots/Cardinals game in which the Pats lost. But a touchdown was called back after a Danny Woodhead scamper for a touchdown to presumably seal the deal. They ended up shafting a field goal to lose the game.

Another mistake from the replacements was last weeks Seattle/Arizona game in which the refs gave the Seahawks an extra timeout when they had none, stopping the clock and giving the team plenty of rest while deciding what to do. The Seahawks eventually lost, but the refs really screwed that one up.

Hopefully the league takes care of this issue, and fast. Things are getting out of hand.




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